Electric Power Renewable energy auction

Convened the second auction of the economic system of renewable energies

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Keys on the types of contract and the model of electricity bill.

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Characteristics and requirements to be beneficiary.

Participation Public participation in bills

Access point to facilitate public participation in the standard development process




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  • Draft Order establishing the prices of the electricity system charges applicable as from 1 January 2022 and establishing various regulated costs of the electricity system for the financial year 2022. Keep reading
  • Public Consultation on the Draft Roadmap for the development of Offshore Wind and Marine Energies in Spain Keep reading
  • Expression d'intérêt : Plan de redressement, de transformation et de résilience. "Projets de tracteurs pour une transition énergétique équitable et inclusive : l'hydrogène renouvelable" Keep reading
  • Order proposal foundations for the concession to competitive turnout of aid to investment in production facilities high insulating power of energy from renewable sources, which can be cofinanced with Community funds FEDER Keep reading
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