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Ministerial Order
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Hearing and public information


The Real Decreto-ley 1/2019, 11 January, has made a reorganization of competence under which corresponds to the Government adopt the structure, methodology and values of the positions of the electrical system and the national commission of markets and competition establish the structure, methodology and values of tolls access to electricity networks.

Both the government and the National Commission of markets and competition have initiated proceedings of a royal decree regulating the methodology of charges and a proposal to move that establishes the methodology for the calculation of tolls of transport and distribution of electricity. However, as of today none of them is approved. Before this situation, and based on the second transitional provision of the royal Decreto-ley 1/2019, 11 January, attribution to adopt a tolls and charges, transitionally fall on the minister to the ecological transition.

As a consequence, through this command that undergoes processing of hearing:

  • Extend, transitionally, tolls access by 2020.
  • Extend those prices and quotas necessary for the operation of the electrical system.
  • Establish annuities to satisfy payment deficits and misalignment of previous years.
  • Set operator provisional pay Iberian market of energy, Polo English, and prices to charge actors.

Remission deadline

Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Wednesday, December 4, 2019 until the day Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Submission of allegations

The allegations may be referred to the email address: