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Objectives of the norm

The Strategic Framework of energy and climate lays the foundation for the modernization of the Spanish economy, job creation, the positioning of leadership of Spain in the energies and clean technologies that dominate the next decade, the development of rural areas, improving the health of people and the environment, and social justice.

El Plan Nacional Integrado de Energía y Clima 2021-2030 (en adelante PNIEC) es una de sus herramientas fundamentales y para su completa materialización precisa de estrategias específicas, que permitan identificar correctamente los retos y oportunidades, así como diseñar las medidas más adecuadas en tecnologías y vectores clave para la consecución de los objetivos en materia de energía y clima, así como aprovechar las oportunidades de generación de actividad económica, empleo y desarrollo industrial competitivo que puede suponer la transición energética.

In the PNIEC, the “ measure 1.2. Management of demand, storage and flexibility ” analyzes the need to develop various measures to reconcile the progressive penetration of renewable energies in power generation and behavioural changes in demand. In particular, the surplus power generated represents an opportunity that can be used with a complex storage system, in which the conversion of potential dumped electricity from renewable sources into hydrogen represents a technological routes. Between mechanisms of action identified in the Measure 1.2, contains the development of normative framework and momentum of storage.

The development of the “ storage ” strategy is needed to achieve the goals set in the national Plan Consist of energy and climate, to improve our competitiveness, and to achieve climate neutrality at a time when the climate crisis has been declared.

Consequently, it is considered desirable to make this public consultation prior, and simultaneously the public consultation after the “ road map of hydrogen ”, so that they can exploit synergies between both initiatives and favor that contributions to receive are developed with an integrated approach.

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