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The Strategic Framework of energy and climate lays the foundation for the modernization of the Spanish economy, job creation, the positioning of leadership of Spain in the energies and clean technologies that dominate the next decade, the development of rural areas, improving the health of people and the environment, and social justice.

The National Plan Consist of energy and Climate 2021-2030 (hereinafter PNIEC) is one of its key tools and for its complete realization requires specific strategies, to correctly identify the challenges and opportunities, as well as to design the most appropriate measures in technologies and vectors key to achieving the objectives of energy and climate, as well as opportunities of generation of economic activity, employment and competitive industrial development potential energy transition.

The PNIEC provides that “ in the case of wind navy, reducing their costs from generation to actual facilities and planned in the short term in Europa, already shows a high potential in Spain with floating technology on the horizon 2030, so that support mechanisms and volumes of power in calls auctions in concurrence will be adapted to their levels of competitiveness growing, with attention to its contribution to the consolidation and competitiveness of the industrial fabric and their synergies with other strategic sectors (shipbuilding, shipyards, civil engineering, industries electrointensivas). ”.

The PNIEC also considers the energies of the sea, which are in a phase pre-comercial, and, although they have not reached their stage of technological maturity, are susceptible to experiment reductions in their costs of generation that allow application on a larger scale of these technologies. In this sense, expected measures and specific programmes aimed at developing technologies. Given the potential synergies and interactions between offshore wind energy and the rest of the energies of the sea, it is considered necessary to develop in a coordinated manner instruments of strategic development of these technologies.

Therefore, it is proposed this public consultation, whose purpose is to collect, directly or through its representative organizations, the view of the collectives and stakeholders, administrations and potentially actors involved in the roadmap for the Offshore Wind and energies of the sea, on the approach and guidelines for the adaptation of the Spanish sectoral regulatory framework, identification of priorities and resources.

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