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The secure and reliable operation of an electrical system requires the availability of certain booking volumes of power and energy to upload and download that can be mobilized in case of contingencies and/or strong deviations to programmes, with respect to the maximum response times established to ensure the safety and quality of electricity.

The Spanish electricity system requires the implantation of a mechanism to resolve, with maximum effectiveness technical and less impact on the environment, situations of diversions important among the generation and consumption that arise once already closed the market intradiario continuous, in the period immediately preceding the hours of supply, or even in the very hour of supply, and which can be connected an important use of the energies of regulation and stock up available in the Spanish electricity system.

The gradual increase the integration of renewable energies in the Spanish peninsular electrical system and the consequent reduction in the number of hours of operation of conventional thermal power plants, particularly as it is reducing the volume of technical restrictions in the system, for the implantation of development plans of the network approved in the planning process electric, makes the volume of reservation of energy to upload required in the system is also increasing, so important.

Accordingly, and as above, the aim of the present draft order is the regulation of conditions of service of strategic reserve of power and energy of rapid response to upload, offered by the holders of facilities defined in the rule itself, as well as the setting of the requirements to participate as service provider and the mechanism for its allocation and execution, in addition to its restorative regime.

In compliance under Articles 133 of law 39/2015, 1 October, administrative procedure common of public administrations, and 26 law 50/1997 of 27 November, the government, since this draft order affects the legitimate rights and interests of people, it is necessary to do the procedure for hearing to those concerned, with the object of hearing and seek few additional input can be made by other persons or entities.

This same text has been sent to the national commission of markets and competition to report and to by that agency is conducted trial proceedings through the Advisory Council of electricity.

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