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The council of ministers, on the proposal of the ministry to the ecological transition and the demographic challenge (MITERD), has agreed to initiate the processing of the bill establishing the national fund for the sustainability of the electrical system (FNSSE) with a triple focus: avoid rises in the price of electricity; give clear signals electrification of the economy and provide certainty, sustainability and balance the system to mobilize the necessary investments in the coming years. To move in energy transition is necessary to send appropriate price signals to investors and consumers through a new system of financing costs regulated according to the evolution of the market and the objectives of energy transition, to encourage the step to clean technologies.

Therefore, the bill (PW) provides the creation of a national fund for the sustainability of the electrical system (FNSSE) which will assume the costs associated with specific retributive regime renewables, cogeneration and residues (RECORE).

In this way, the cost of financing of RECORE would be part of the electricity bill paid directly to consumers, both homes and businesses. In particular, this cost is approximately 16% of household electrical receipt.

The subjects forced to the financing of FNSSE will be marketers of all energy sectors – unlike in the current system, in which the input falls directly on final consumers, which will make merits depending on their sales. To ensure fairness and redistribution, there will be exemptions and compensation for those sectors with less resilience and response to the new system.

The FNSSE form part of the responses associated with energy transition to reactivate the economy in the short term, aligning the recovery with an energy model and sustainable economic which fosters job creation of quality and lasting and contribute to the decarbonisation and electrification of the Spanish economy, fulfilling the objectives of the national Plan Consist of energy and Climate (PNIEC) 2021-2030.

As a consequence, undergoes processing of hearing this draft bill establishing the national fund for the sustainability of the electrical system.

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