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The Directive 2012/27/HAT of the European Parliament and of the council, 25 October 2012 on energy efficiency, amending the directives 2009/125/CE and 2010/30/HAT, and repealing Directives 2004/8/CE and 2006/32/CE, created a common framework to promote energy efficiency within the union and established concrete actions to achieve a significant energy savings accumulated in the period 2014-2020.

In accordance with article 7 of the said directive 2012/27/HAT, each member state should justify an amount of energy savings accumulated for the period 2014-2020. Furthermore, the quoted article 7 determined that each member state would establish a system of energy efficiency obligations through which distributors of energy and/or retail companies of sale of power would be forced to achieve by the year 2020 the goal of saving indicated through achieving annual, from the year 2014, save the equivalent to 1.5% of its annual sales of energy.

Furthermore, Article 20 of the directive enabled the member states to create a national fund energy efficiency, in support of national initiatives of energy efficiency.

Accordingly, the law 18/2014, 15 October, for approval of urgent measures to growth, competitiveness and efficiency, established a national system of energy efficiency obligations under which is assigned to companies marketing of gas and electricity, operators of petroleum products wholesale, and operators of liquefied petroleum gas wholesale, hereinafter subject forced system of obligations, an annual quota of saving energy called obligation of savings.

Following the establishment of this system, annually has been defined by ministerial order the goal of annual savings, the percentages of sharing between the corresponding entities and quotas or obligations resulting saving and its equivalence financial.

Para hacer efectivo el cumplimiento de las obligaciones anuales de ahorro energético, los sujetos obligados debían realizar una contribución financiera anual al Fondo Nacional de Eficiencia Energética, a ingresar en cuatro pagos iguales a lo largo de 2020, no más tarde del 31 de marzo, del 30 de junio, del 30 de septiembre y del 31 de diciembre, por el importe resultante de multiplicar su obligación de ahorro anual por la equivalencia financiera correspondiente.

This Fund allows the launch of mechanisms for economic and financial support, technical assistance, training and information or other measures to increase energy efficiency in different sectors and help to achieve the goal of saving established. These measures may be cofinanced with other sources of funding, including European funds.

Considerando que la citada Directiva 2012/27/UE ha sido revisada mediante la Directiva (UE) 2018/2002, ampliando el alcance del sistema de obligaciones de eficiencia energética a un nuevo período de obligación, del 1 de enero de 2021 al 31 de diciembre de 2030, para que la UE logre sus objetivos de eficiencia energética para 2030 y cumpla su compromiso de situar a los consumidores en el centro de la Unión de la Energía, ha sido necesario extender la vigencia del sistema nacional de obligaciones de eficiencia energética establecida en el artículo 69 de la anteriormente mencionada Ley 18/2014, de 15 de octubre, mediante el Real Decreto-ley 23/2020, de 23 de junio, por el que se aprueban medidas en materia de energía y otros ámbitos para la reactivación económica.

In addition, has adapted the procedure of calculation of the obligations of saving of each subject obliged to provide the system with greater transparency and predictability on entities, as well as greater flexibility in the management, so that a change of sales of any nature does not need a recalculation of the contributions of all entities.

A la vista de lo anterior, la presente orden da cumplimiento al artículo 70.1 de la citada Ley 18/2014, de 15 de octubre, mediante el establecimiento de:

  • The objective of energy saving in 2021.
  • Saving obligations for each of individuals and their economic equivalence.

On the other hand, it should be noted that by Royal Decree 469/2016, 18 November, amending the royal decree 216/2014, 28 March, which establishes the methodology for calculating the prices volunteers for small consumer power and its legal regime of recruitment, joined the term variable costs hours marketing (CCVh) in the calculation of the other costs associated with supplies (OCh) which form part of the cost of energy production (CPh) to look for setting the PVPC.

Between the terms that compose the term variable costs hours marketing (CCVh) contains the pay the cost of contribution to the fund national energy efficiency regulated, in chapter IV Title III of law 18/2014, 15 October, expressed in €/kWhs (RFE), constant value for all the hours.

This value will be set annually by order of the minister to the ecological transition and the demographic challenge, prior agreement of the government Delegated Committee for Economic affairs.

This command is appropriate to update such term pay the cost of contribution to the fund national energy efficiency, proving application article 24.2.b) of the royal decree 216/2014, 28 March, according to which, if the date of entry into force of the order is set annually the value of the term RFE away after 1 January of the year of application, until the adoption of the order mentioned in the previous paragraph or, in their case, until the extinction of the obligation to contribute to the fund national energy efficiency of these subjects, will maintain the value of pay the cost of contribution to the fund national energy efficiency (RFE) in the amount established for the previous year.

Submission of allegations

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The deadline of handling of hearing is 15 working days from the receipt of the communication of the beginning of this process, to each of the subject forced and the National Commission of markets and competition.

The allegations to the proposal from Ministerial Order must be made using email at the address indicated with the format reflected in the template named “ Observations ” 2021 Obligations Order that can be downloaded below.