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Through this motion of order be updating the system of liquidation of the gas industry which is currently regulated in the order ECO/2692/2002 of 28 october, regulating the liquidation of the remuneration of the activities regulated of natural gas sector and of contributions to specific destinations and established the system of information required of companies.

It is necessary to make changes in the settlements independent on winding-up to the four main activities gasistas: transport, distribution, LNG plants and basic underground storage.

Furthermore, the royal Decreto-ley 1/2019, of 11 january, urgent measures to bring the competences of the national commission on the markets and competition to the requirements of community law in relation to the directives 2009/72/ec and 2009/73/ec of 13 july 2009, on common rules for the internal market in electricity and natural gas, introduced the concept of charge to cover those costs are not associated with use of facilities, making it necessary to specify income and costs that will apply the procedure for settlement of this new concept.

Asimismo, es necesario incorporar cambios para ajustar el calendario de envío de información y aprobación de liquidaciones, para adaptarlo al año de gas que, a partir del 1 de octubre de 2021, será la referencia de cálculo de todos los peajes, cánones, cargos y retribuciones reguladas, tal como se dispone en las circulares aprobadas al respecto por la Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia y el Real Decreto 1184/2020, de 29 de diciembre, por el que se establecen las metodologías de cálculo de los cargos del sistema gasista, de las retribuciones reguladas de los almacenamientos subterráneos básicos y de los cánones aplicados por su uso.

Finally, we need to incorporate settlements system to new companies with economic rights in the gas industry system such as holders of payment rights accumulated deficit as at 31 december 2014 or the gas market, establishing the necessary measures to ensure the prevalence of your payments on the remainder of costs of the system, as provided for in article 66 of act no. 18/2014, 15 october, of adoption of urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency.

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