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The additional provision 10th Royal Decree 1085/2015, of 4 december, on the promotion of biofuels enables the individual holder of the secretary of state of energy to set up for the purposes of article 3 quater, biofuels and biomass fuels produced from fodder crops, and at high risk of indirect to bring about a change of land use, and whose raw materials are a significant expansion of the production on land with high carbon stocks (high risk ILUC) in accordance with european standards of implementation, as well as the maximum rate that they may have for meeting the target of sale or consumption of biofuels regulated, equivalent to level of consumption of these fuels reached in Spain in 2019.

This motion for a resolution, where the issues cited in the preceding paragraph.

This process aims to obtain, directly or through their representative organizations, the opinion of the individuals and entities potentially affected by the proposed regulation.

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