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Paragraph 3 bis of article 2 of royal decree 1085/2015, of 4 december, provides that the computation in the objective of renewable energies in transport, the proportion of biofuels, bioliquidos and biomass fuels used in the transport produced from food crops, and will not be more than 1 percentage point higher than the share of these fuels on final consumption of energy in the rail and road transport by 2020, with a maximum of 7 per cent on such use, from 2023 included.

In the case that this proportion is less than 1 per cent, may be increased to a maximum of 2% of final energy consumption in the areas of transport by rail and road.

It also indicates that by order of the person to Ecological Transition and the demographic challenge, with the report of the executive committee of the government for economic affairs, to be determined that percentage.

In addition, it shall also determine, for purposes of compliance with the objectives of sale or consumption of biofuels and biogas for transport purposes regulated from 2023 including, for each of the persons referred to in article 3 of the royal decree 1085/2015, of 4 december, the maximum share of biofuels produced from fodder crops, and on the total of petrol and diesel sold or used for transport purposes, including biofuels, energy content.

This proposal of order, where the issues cited in the preceding paragraph.

This process aims to obtain, directly or through their representative organizations, the opinion of the individuals and entities potentially affected by the proposed regulation.

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