Range of the Standard:
Royal Decree of cabine
Character of the query:
Type of participation:
Prior public consultation

Objectives of the norm

Formalities prior public consultation aims to gather views of citizens, organisations and associations before the development of a normative project.

The standard will regulate the framework for health protection against the risks arising from exposure to ionizing radiation. partially Incorporated into Spanish lawDirective 2013 / 59 / Euratom advice, 5 December 2013, laying down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers of exposure to ionising radiation, and repealing Directives 89 / 618 / Euratom, 90 / 641 / Euratom, 96 / 29 / Euratom, 97 / 43 / Euratom and 2003 / 122 / Euratom.

You can find the need and objectives of the standard in the document of the annex.

Remission deadline

Deadline for submitting arguments until the day Monday, November 6, 2017

Submission of allegations

The allegations may be sent to the email address: proyectossgen@minetad indicating in the subject: "Real Decreto protección salud contra radiaciones ionizantes"