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The Real Decreto-ley 1/2019, 11 January, urgent measures to adjust the powers of the national commission of markets and competition to the requirements of Community law in relation to the directives 2009/72/CE and 2009/73/CE of the European Parliament and of the council, 13 July 2009, on common rules for the internal market for electricity and natural gas, respectively, proceeded to modify various sections of the law 34/1998, of October 7, the hydrocarbon Sector and the law 18/2014, 15 October, for approval of urgent measures to growth, competitiveness and efficiency.

Among others, proceeded to modify, articles 3.1 and 92.2 of law 34/1998, of October 7, the hydrocarbon sector, introducing the concept of position as a specific payment of users of facilities designed to cover costs of gas system that are not directly associated with the use of installations, costs which were listed in Article 59.4.b of law 18/2014, 15 October. Also, attributed to the government competition to determine the structure and methodology of calculation of charges, prior report of the national commission of markets and competition, and the person from whom the Ministry to the ecological transition and the demographic challenge competition adopted specific values of implementation, prior agreement of the government Delegated Committee for Economic affairs.

Accordingly, and as above, the aim of the present proposal royal decree is the definition of the methodology used in the annual calculations of sharing between users of the system of gas charges of the system. In the development of the methodology implemented distribution criteria that distort least possible to global demand, objectives and non-discriminatory, applying the principles of transparency in the calculation and simplicity in its implementation.

Additionally, the Real mentioned Decreto-ley 1/2019, 11 January added a paragraph “ e ” Article 3.1 of the law 34/1998, of October 7, placing the government competition to determine the methodology, parameters, the asset base and the amount of the reward of underground storage as well as the structure and the methodology for calculating the canons of services of access to gas facilities designed to cover such retribution and, finally, to approve the values of the canons of access to such facilities.

Consequently, is the object of this proposal royal decree the definition of methodologies for the reward of underground storage and the canons applied by its use.

In compliance under Articles 133 of law 39/2015, 1 October, administrative procedure common of public administrations, and 26 law 50/1997 of 27 November, the government, since this draft royal decree affects the legitimate rights and interests of people, it is necessary to do the procedure for hearing to those concerned, with the object of hearing and seek few additional input can be made by other persons or entities.

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