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The Strategic Framework for Energy and Climate lays the foundations for the modernization of the Spanish economy, job creation, Spain's leading position in clean energy and technologies that will dominate the next decade, the development of rural areas, the improvement of people's health and the environment, and social justice.

The National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030 (hereinafter PNIEC) is one of its fundamental tools and, for its complete materialization, it requires specific strategies that allow it to correctly identify the challenges and opportunities, as well as design the most appropriate measures in technologies. and key vectors for achieving energy and climate objectives, as well as taking advantage of opportunities for generating economic activity, employment and competitive industrial development that the energy transition may entail.

In the PNIEC, specifically in “Measure 1.4. Development of self-consumption with renewables and distributed generation ”, the lines of action regarding self-consumption with renewable energy sources are established, which allow generation to be brought closer to consumption and, therefore, reduce losses. In addition, this measure establishes as one of its mechanisms of action the development of a National Strategy for Self-consumption, the object of this consultation.

On the other hand, placing the citizen at the center is one of the main aspirations of the energy transition that is promoted by the Ministry for the Energy Transition and the Demographic Challenge, in line with “Measure 1.14. Promotion of the proactive role of citizens in decarbonisation ”and“ Measure 1.19. Generation of knowledge, dissemination and awareness ”provided in the PNIEC. In particular, the PNIEC itself in its “Measure 4.11. Fight against energy poverty ”as well as the Strategy against Energy Poverty provide for the use of self-consumption as a tool to combat this problem. With the development of a strategy like the one that begins with this consultation, a great step is taken in these directions.

Furthermore, self-consumption also has potential in other areas, such as, in line with PNIEC measures “1.5. Incorporation of renewables in the industrial sector ”,“ 1.16. Renewable energy public procurement ”,“ 2.11. Promotion of energy services ”,“ 2.12. Public sector: proactive responsibility and energy efficient public procurement ”or“ 4.4. Integration of the electricity market ”.

Finally, in a context of economic recovery and reconstruction, self-consumption can play a relevant role in generating activity and a lever for competitiveness, not only due to the generation of direct employment but also due to the driving effect on the different local value chains and saving in energy costs for domestic, industrial, service or public sector consumers.

For all the above, it is considered convenient to formulate this prior public consultation, which, together with the rest of the strategies and roadmaps that are currently being considered, lay the foundations for the application and optimization of the policies and measures established in the PNIEC.

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