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The object of this command is the regulation of the first auction mechanism for the granting of the economic system of renewable energies, established in the Royal Decree 960/2020, 3 November, which regulates the economic regime for renewable energy production facilities of electrical energy.

To this end, this command provides particularities and necessary adjustments in the general methodology for selection of tenders in concurrence procedures called competitive, with the aim of conformity to the characteristics of the invitations. Sets the processes that shape the mechanism of auction, including the mechanism of cassation used to take into consideration the existence of minimum reserves of product to award, as well as restrictions relating to ensure competition in the same and characteristics that must meet the bids submitted by the actors involved in the process of gathering competitive.

Moreover, regulates the formalities and procedures associated with the electronic registration of the economic system of renewable energies on the time limit for the submission of the application for registration in a state of pre-allocation and amount of the relevant economic guarantee, as well as to provide documentation required for registration in such a registry in both states, pre-allocation and exploitation.

Set to turn the monitoring mechanism of feasibility and maturity of the projects through which materialises assigned power through the mechanism of concurrency competitive based a procedure of identification of the installation and the accreditation of obtaining construction administrative authorization or equivalent document.

Develops penalties under Article 20 of the Royal Decree that regulates the economic regime of renewable energies, in order to encourage compliance with obligations concerning energy of minimum auction acquired by receiving installations of the economic system of renewable energies.

Sets a timetable for auctions economic regime renewables during the period 2020-2025, including indicative timelines, the frequency of invitations from auctions, capacity expected and planned technologies.

On 6 November 2020, posted on the website of the ministry for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge the proposal of order which regulates the first auction mechanism for the granting of the economic system of renewable energies and sets the timetable for access to support economic instruments, together with his memory of regulatory impact analysis, for the purposes referred to in article 26.6 of law 50/1997, 27 December, the government.

The adoption of this command is the result of the mandate that, for the extraordinary and urgent need that converge, has been established in additional provision 4th of the royal Decreto-ley 23/2020, 23 June. For the same reasons of urgency, under article 26.6 of law 50/1997, December 27, government, it reduces the deadline of handling of hearing to 7 days from the day following the publication on the website.

This same text has been sent to the national commission of markets and competition to report and to by that agency is conducted trial proceedings through the Advisory Council of electricity.

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Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Tuesday, November 10, 2020 until the day Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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