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The Royal Decreto-ley 1/2019, of 11 january, urgent measures to bring the competences of the national commission on the markets and competition to the requirements of community law in relation to the directives 2009/72/ec and 2009/73/ec of 13 july 2009, on common rules for the internal market in electricity and natural gas, respectively, proceeded to amend various sections of act 24/2013, of 26 december, the electricity Sector as well as the law 3/2013, of 4 june, of establishing the national markets and competition.

In particular, in accordance with the amendment introduced by the royal Decreto-ley 1/2019, of 11 january, in article 3.7 of act 24/2013, of 26 december, provides that the General state administration shall regulate the structure of the charges and costs of regulated charges requirements to cover other costs of the system. Accordingly, a Royal decree sets out the methodology of calculating the offices of the electrical system and whose development is in the final stages of completion.

In this way, is the subject of this order pricing electricity charges resulting from implementation from 1 june 2021. For determining the charges, has been used the methodology set in the royal decree which takes into account, inter alia, energy and administering recruited planned for the year of implementation, the rates of energy and power for each segment in the list of approved positions in the annex to this rule, and the cost for concepts to be met by revenues earned through cost charges included as regulated in the electricity bill.

On the other hand, and under the mandate contained in the legislation, it updates the unit prices for the financing of the payments for the capacity to conform to the real needs of financing.

Consequently, through this order which is submitted to the process of hearing:

  • Sets the prices charged to the corresponding segments of electricity charges for the year 2021.
  • Sets the prices charged to the corresponding sections 2 and 3 SEES IS applicable to those points of electric vehicles of public access to the year 2021.
  • Updated the unit prices of implementation to the financing of the payments for the capacity for the year 2021.

This order comes into force1 june 2021.

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