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In response to the distribution of competences introduced by the royal Decreto-ley 1/2019, of 11 january, urgent measures to bring the competences of the national commission on the markets and competition to the requirements of community law in relation to the directives 2009/72/ec and 2009/73/ec of 13 july 2009, on common rules for the internal market in electricity and natural gas, Circular 3/2020, of 15 january, of the national commission on the markets and competition, which establishes the methodology for the calculation of tolls of transport and distribution of electricity, and is located in processing the royal decree sets out the methodology of calculating the offices of the electrical system.

In this motion for a resolution introduces the necessary modifications to disaggregate enterprises trading in the bill for end consumers the amounts for tolls of transportation and distribution and posts, following the provision of article 16.7 of act 24/2013, of 26 december, the electricity Sector.

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