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Ministerial Order
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Hearing and public information


Warning: New text replaces the 25.05.2021 issued

For the purposes of preparing the order to regulate the process and requirements applicable to the public competition to the granting of access of evacuation from the historic centre of power generation facilities renewable sources of just transition 400 KV Mudejar and proceeds to its holding, starts the phase of hearing and public information with the issuance of the draft text. Through this publication is submitted in accordance with article 26.6 of law 50/1997, of 27 november, the government.

With this objective and to promote the generation of alternative economic activity to the closure of thermal energy plants or coal thermonuclear Real Decreto-ley 17/2019, of 22 november, introduces an additional provision to the law of the electricity sector which empowers the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the demographic challenge, with the consent of the executive committee of the government on economic, to incorporate by ministerial order requirements and criteria for the establishment of an order for the granting of all or part of accessibility in knots of the network affected by such closures are different to those established with a general nature for the rest of the network. The aim is to show new renewable power and optimize its potential benefits socio-económicos for areas affected by closures of open competition for its granting. This is a framework may seek, which would not need budgetary impact or electricity bill. The different situation of knots in their level of saturation, the potential of renewable resource or permits existing requested and the economic and social situation of each transition area rhythms and require different solutions, so that the purpose of this order is the adoption of the terms and conditions that must govern the granting of accessibility in the Mudejar knot 400 kV affected by the closure of the thermal central Teruel approved by Resolution of 29 june by 2020, of the department of Energy and Mines, which authorizes Endesa Generation, S.A. the closure of the Thermal Central de soria, in the municipality of Andorra (Teruel) and its convening.

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