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Act 24/2013, of 26 december, the power Sector, provides in article 10 that the activities for the supply of electricity being carried out in the electrical systems of the territories will be a unique regulation due to the specific presented on peninsular.

In this way, under the above-mentioned act 24/2013, of 26 december, establishes that you can select additional restorative concept to cover the difference between the costs of investment and exploitation of the activity of production of electrical energy developed in these territories and the income of the co-production.

The Royal Decree 738/2015, of 31 july, which regulates the activity of production of electrical energy and transport procedures in power systems of non-self-governing territories, will this additional restorative concept, as well as the liquidation of the cost from generation to extend to all production facilities in those territories.

In the previous liquidation proceedings, in addition to the settlement of the energy sold in the office of each economic system, isolated electric installations with additional restorative regime or perceived as a specific monthly temporary settlements account of the final.

Under article 72 of the royal decree 738/2015, of 31 july, the final disposition will be adopted by resolution of the General directorate of Mines and energy policy.

In keeping with the above, by means of these motions for resolution sets out the costs of generation of liquidation and extracoste of energy production and power to the title of the working groups Endesa, for the installation COTESA, for the installation of wind, Gorona for installations with specific restorative regime, as well as the total amount associated with the production activity in the territories will.

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