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On 14 march, together, the government of spain and the government of les Illes Balears submitted, as part of the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience, a specific plan for the balearic islands, in particular, the lines of investment which will define the actions that will allow an energy transition in the islands in accordance with the investment Component 2, 7 of the recovery Plan.

The Next Generation US Recovery will allow Spain to mobilise an amount of investment in the balearic islands of 233,33 million euros, in the area of sustainable energy, additionally to the planned programmes with a general nature for the whole country. The mobilization of a very important volume of resources called for an extraordinary opportunity Balears and will, not only overcome the crisis and recovery of employment, but the modernization of its economy, so that such recovery is green, digital, inclusive and social council.

The Integrated National Plan for energy and climate 2021- 2030 (PNIEC) provides for the need for progress in the energy transition in the islands, while the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience analysed holistically and their needs and specific energy opportunities to lead to the proposals of lines and proceedings.

In the framework of the investment Plan for energy transition de les Illes Balears, the programme of action 2 provides for the promotion of innovative actions, tractoras strategic or, as well as the possibility of mobilizing investment in business, new business models or initiatives aimed at energy transition.

In this context, and with the aim of being effective and efficient deployment of the measures contained in the recovery Plan, the ministry for the Ecological Transition and the demographic challenge launches this expression of interest, with the goal of completing the development and design of actions which imply the definition of new business models or start-up in the field of energy, as well as innovative initiatives or projects or unique integrated multi-tecnológico and novel character to address energy transition in Ballears, eliminate barriers to greater penetration of renewable energy and allow for a response to the specific needs of the island energy system.

The information collected will define strategic lines of action, which is in the mechanisms concretarían of funding and support. They set out the technical parameters that govern these procedures, which will be subject to the criteria of publicity, competition, transparency, objectivity, equality and non-discrimination, provided by the corresponding regulations.

Participation in this expression of interest is not, therefore, a prior or condition required for the access to potential financing, support or any other means of support that might be convened by the administration for the support of projects. The participation in this call can contribute to making a broader vision and plural for the design lines can take into account the diversity and the characteristics of potential projects and lines of action.

Similarly, the absence of an expression of interest or response to the consultation will not limit the possibility of submitting proposals in the eventual future call.

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