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Hearing and public information


The facilities of renewable electricity and heat in replacement of fuels in the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience.

The recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience, adopted in the framework of the mechanism for recovery and Resilience, includes four cross-cutting approaches being one of them. This Ecological Transition transverse axis is their development, inter alia, in the policy Lever 3 ‘ an energy transition fair and inclusive ’, and within this group has made its Component 7 ‘ Deployment and integration of renewable energies ’. In the proceedings of reversal of this component includes the I5 ‘ Development of innovative renewable energy, integrated in the building and in the productive process ’. The replacement of production of electricity and heat produced by fossil fuels to renewable energies is considered as a performance in this context, since they form part of the solution to meeting climate neutrality in 2050, contribute to the structuring of the territory and the development of rural areas, and reduce imports of natural gas and other fossil fuels. Also allow for a change in the production model of Spain with new generation of employment and fostering economic activity in a context of economic recovery.

The purpose of this programme of incentives is the plants of electricity and heat generation from renewable energy sources to replace production from fossil fuels, which is intended to a gradual replacement of the production of electricity and heat from fossil fuels by facilities used by renewable energy. This helps to ensure the decarbonisation of the economy and reducing energy dependency outside afghanistan, is the development of economic incentives in order to promote this transition.

The process of hearing.

Is submitted to the process of hearing and public information to an order which will lay the foundations of calls regulatory the incentive scheme for installations of electricity and heat generation from renewable energy sources to replace production from fossil fuels, and also the Resolution of the first call.

This incentive program shall be handled centrally administered by the IDAE as most appropriate method owing to the nature of projects and the limited budget. This will optimize the management of public funds and will be stimulated a significant investment in the implementation of projects.

The purpose of this public consultation is to make public texts on which to obtain, directly or through representative organisations, the views of all types of entities interested in carrying out projects that are the subject of the programme of Incentives.

Remission deadline

Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Friday, January 13, 2023 until the day Friday, February 3, 2023

Submission of allegations

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Only shall be considered as the allegations that the sender is fully identified (full name next to the DNI or CIF depending on the physical or legal personality). In general the answers to these allegations were not considered confidential and free dissemination. The contents of the allegations that the author considers confidential should be specifically identified by the same, motivating the reasons for such qualification.