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The Royal Decree 738/2015, of 31 july, which regulates the activity of production of electrical energy and transport procedures in power systems of non-self-governing territories, will develop some of the precepts set forth in the law 17/2013, of 29 october, and the law 24/2013, of 26 december, the electricity Sector. Among them defines the procedure for granting additional restorative regime that can be collected generators groups in those territories.

Thus, the Royal Decree 738/2015, of 31 july, establishes a competitive “ concurrence procedure ” for the granting of the resolution of compatibility giving entitlement to additional restorative regime, which must be issued resolution taking into account the needs of power revealed by the operator of the system, the technical characteristics that are more appropriate to such systems and the economically most advantageous option for the whole system.

The “ concurrence procedure ” established competitive brought the resolution of the secretary of state of energy, and, in anticipation of the convening of the first competitive “ concurrence procedure ”, it is put to the hearing motion for a resolution of this first call in order to enable people to submit claims.

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Deadline for submitting arguments from the day Tuesday, January 17, 2023 until the day Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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In general the responses and/or written submissions shall be considered as not confidential and free dissemination of the parties that are considered as confidential shall be specifically identified and delimited in the commentaries, motivating the reasons for this rating is to be ruled out, if any, should also be reasoned, in conformity with the law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.