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Article 71.2 of act no. 18/2014, 15 october, of adoption of urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency empowers the government to regulate a system of accreditation of final energy savings, by issuing certificates of Energy Saving (hereinafterFALLS) that, once implemented, will enable persons required to complete or partial compliance with its obligations to energy saving at the lowest possible cost, through the implementation or promotion, directly or indirectly, of action for energy efficiency in various fields such as construction, transport, industry and services.

The basic regulation systemFALLSis reflected in the royal decree no. 36/2023, from 24 january, establishing a system of energy saving.FALLSthey reflect the annual savings of final energy consumption recognized as a result of the investments in energy efficiency. In this regard, the royal Decree no. 36/2023, from 24 january, establishes two major types of action that could generate savings convertibleFALLS:

  1. Actions included in a catalogue of standardized measures of efficiency.
  2. Proceedings of efficiency.

The purpose of this order is approved and publicize the initial version of the catalogue of standardized measures of efficiency, in accordance with article 18 of the royal decree no. 36/2023, from 24 january.

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